Crime Prevention Awareness Programme


“No evil can bring good, it leads only to an end.”

Crime Prevention Awareness Programme

Date: 13th December, 2018

“Student life is for building future. They should focus on their studies and career. Getting involved in anti-social activities can ruin their future. Violence or enjoyment shown in movies should not be mistaken for real life. No evil can bring good, it leads only to an end. Criminals are never free, they cannot enjoy freedom as we do. They constantly live under fear”, said Mr Ananth Murudeshwar- A.S.I. of Bunder North police station. He was addressing the students of St Aloysius Industrial training Institute, Mangalore in a programme organised in connection with ‘Crime Prevention Month’ being celebrated by the police department. He gave brief information about the crimes being conducted in the society and advised the students to stay away from alcohol and drug abuse. He also urged the students to provide information to the institute authorities or police officials whenever a criminal offence is observed, especially related to drug trafficking. In the beginning, Mr Vincent Mendonsa-Principal of the institution extended a cordial welcome to the police officials.  

Talking to the students, Mr Sathish -Beat Officer of Bunder North police station said, “You are at the age where stimulation is easy. New things attract you and you love to experiment with the things. Do not get easily attracted to things and get fooled. You should provide good healthy food to your body and stay vibrant. Substances like alcohol, drugs lead to depression. If you develop good habits, you will reach higher in life. Bad habits separate you from the society. Getting into rowdism, goondagiri, etc will label you as anti-social element and there will be a serious dent for your future.” He also gave information about new age frauds like internet scams, theft of money by persuading people to disclose their bank details, etc. Rev Fr Melwin Lobo SJ- the Director of the institution thanked the police officials for sharing valuable information with the students and creating awareness. He said, “Lots of activities happen in the society, but all need not be good ones. We need to learn to differentiate between them. People get into anti-social activities due to variety of reasons. It could be for the sake of money, to create identity, to gain power or any other selfish motives. The purpose of today’s programme is to create awareness so that we don’t get into ant-social activities and being vigilant against who get into these activities so that we are not trapped. We can also try to change the people who get into anti-social activities and bring them to the mainstream. The programme was concluded with the National anthem.

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