Graduation day at St Aloysius ITI

The most memorable day of students’ life is undoubtedly the graduation day, the day which marks the beginning of new phase of life. Graduation Day was held at St Aloysius ITI on 24th July, 2018. Joy of accomplishment could be seen in the eyes of the students. Chief Guests of the programme were Mr U.T. Khadar- Minister for Urban development and Housing, Karnataka Government and Mr Geo D’silva- ex-special officer placement, VTU. The Guests of honour were Dr Stanley Joseph-General Secretary of SKIP and Mr Anup Annigeri- Area Service In-charge, Jaquar foundation. The programme was presided over by Rev Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ-Rector of St Aloysius Institutions. The programme began with a prayer dance by the students. Two of the students-Adolf Rodrigues of MMV trade and Anil Prabhu of Electronics Mechanic trade shared their experience in the institution and thanked the Management and staff members for their efforts in giving the best to the students. Students were awarded the course completion certificates by the dignitaries. Mr U.T. Khadar was felicitated for his untiring and exemplary service to the people belonging to all religions. Speaking about him, Rev Fr Eric Mathias SJ-Director of the institution said, “The main qualities of Mr U T Khadar are- his compassion for the poor, love for people, hardwork and easy approachability. Due to these qualities he has been able to win the hearts of people and has become a leader for the people of all religions.” After receiving the felicitation, the minister addressed the gathering and said, “I am very happy for the students who are getting graduated today. Technical field provides a bright future. Human resource is the greatest strength of India. Today the world is looking towards India for its talented and skilled pool of youngsters.” He also recalled his memories of yester years as a student of St Aloysius institutions and said, “This institution shaped me as a person. The values picked from this great institution are still helping me.” He advised the students and said, “Never look at the salary in the beginning. Be honest in your work. Don’t confine yourself to the limited work, but do a bit extra than required. The thing that differentiates between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra. Never forget the institution and teachers. Take care of your parents and grant them the life of dignity.” Talking about the Government initiatives he said, “Our Government is also keen in recognising the skilled people and help them to earn the livelihood. “kaushalya Bhagya” is being implemented successfully across the state.” One of the Chief Guests Mr Geo D’Silva addressed the students and said, “Graduation day is not an end, but it is the beginning of a new pathway. This institution is committed for quality and the students of this institution are excellent. Do not forget the institution, instead come back to the institution once in a while and share your experiences with the students so that they also get motivated. Do not talk politics and things related to religion in the workplace. Be flexible and never compromise on your ethics. Never think that your education ends here. Learning is a process. You have to continuously upgrade yourself to build a successful career”.
St Aloysius ITI has a tie-up with a major bathroom fittings brand “jaquar”. Mr Anup Annigeri- Karnataka Area Service in charge of Jaquar Foundation distributed job offer letters and tool kits to 29 students out of which 15 are girls.
One of the Guests of Honour Mr Joseph Stanley said, “I can see lots of smiling faces here. Your Graduation day will be the most memorable event of your life. I congratulate the Management for its commitment to the quality education and it keeps on raising its bar. This institution has evolved into a model institution by partnering with industry majors for knowledge sharing and placements.” In his Presidential address Rev Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ said, “Once an Aloysian always an Aloysian. An Aloysian should have innovative mindset, discerning power and ethics. Do not just remain as an admirer, but be an achiever. Have a goal and commitment to achieve the goal. I wish you all the success, reach greater heights. God Bless you”. Staff members wished the students best of life by singing an epic song “Chalet Chalte” by Kishore Kumar to the huge round of applause from the students. Junior students presented a cultural programme in honour of outgoing students. Garrel from MMV trade and Santhosh from Electronics Mechanic trade compeered the programme. Junior Training Officer Ms Lolakshi proposed vote of thanks. The programme was concluded with the National Anthem. A grand fellowship meal had been arranged for all which was prepared in the campus itself by the staff and students. With the mixed emotions of elation and sadness the programme had left a deep mark in every heart.

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