Republic Day Celebration



Republic Day was celebrated in the institution with enthusiasm and pride for the mother country. The celebration began by singing the National Song “Vande Matharam”. The national Flag was hoisted by the Guest of Honour Former Principal of St Aloysius College Rev Fr Julian Fernandes SJ. Seeing the National flag rising and flying high majestically, a wave of patriotism swept across the gathering. National Anthem was sung with utmost pride and respect. Chief Guest of the programme was Mr Prakash Melwyn Sequeira –tourism consultant and General Manager, Terminal Company. Addressing the gathering, he said, “We celebrate the union of different regions, religions and cultures today. Unity in diversity is our strength. We have grown and are growing at faster pace than ever. At the same time, there have been efforts to sow the seeds of hatred among the different religions. We must never forget that, united we stand and divided we fall”. The Guest of honour Rev Fr Julian Fernandes SJ said, “The great leaders of India who drafted and implemented the constitution of India had dreams of equality and prosperity of all. Those dreams have yet to be realised. Today, the wealth is concentrated only in the hands of very few people and people in the under developed areas lack even basic facilities like clean drinking water and decent food. Development of India is not the development of affluent or powerful people, it is in fact the development of every single citizen of India”. Mr Vincent Mendonsa- Principal of the institution welcomed the dignitaries and Mr Roshan Dsouza- Vice Principal proposed vote of thanks. Students presented a colourful cultural show. Mr Rayan Dsouza-student was the M.C. of the programme.

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