Support for COVID 19 relief work



Helping Hand by St Aloysius Institutions to fight Covid-19

Covid-19 has derailed the lives of people and fear has gripped every one about the safety. Most affected are those who are poor and cannot afford even the masks to protect them against the deadly virus. St Aloysius Institution is lending a helping hand by actively joining hands with the district administration in the fight against the pandemic. A beacon of light on the light house hill is indeed shining and trying to ward off the darkness of the pandemic.

Face masks are being stitched at St Aloysius Industrial Institution with the active involvement of students and staff of Sewing Technology trade. The masks would be handed over to the district administration to be distributed to the needy. As the lock-down is being observed to curb the spread of Corona virus, the lives of daily wage workers and migrant workers have become miserable. Without the work and earnings, they are struggling to acquire even a single meal for the day. St Aloysius has plunge into action to help these people by distributing provisions to the migrant workers in the city. The institution is also distributing provisions to the families of the poor students of St Aloysius Institutions. The students who are in need of food provisions are requested to contact the institution. The institution is hoping to support as many underprivileged families as possible and provide them with the strength and hope to tide over the pandemic.