We’re Proud to be FIRST ‘Sani-Tech Women Trainees’ at St Aloysius ITI

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By Alfie Dsouza, Team Mangalorean. -March 8, 2018


We’re Proud To Be FIRST ‘Sani-Tech Women Trainees’ At St Aloysius ITI

We’re Proud to be FIRST ‘Sani-Tech Women Trainees’ at St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute (SAITI)-Mangaluru. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY?

Mangaluru: Today is 8 March- a great day for women, because The International Women’s day is celebrated annually to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. It is celebrated by almost every other women’s brand reminding us to feel empowered, while standing up for the equality and freedom for ladies. While women have proved themselves as fierce fighters, they are still called the ‘weaker sex’ irrespective of the milestones they have achieved. And what do many get in return? Gender discrimination, pay disparity, sexual harassment, child marriage, abuse and exploitation? Is this fair? Tackling the pressing need for change, this year the United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is ‘PressForProgress’. It is a reminder that despite all the progress women have seen in recent years, there’s a long way to go for gender equality.

Like every daughter wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps, here in this case, seems like every girl wants to follow in the boy’s footsteps, and thereby slowly overcome them in many activities and professionalism. These days Being a Girl/Lady/woman means standing up for themselves and fighting for their rights of me and those around them; That even though people may judge them, they are able to love themselves and I know that they are powerful and strong; Means accepting themselves and all their flaws; Means that that can be powerful and kind at the same time; Means they don’t have to define themselves; Means that they have an entire world full of sisters; Means they are never alone: and Being a Woman/Lady these days, fetch them lots of benefits too-from discounts to reserved seats in the bus or first preference in the queue (ladies first) or special ladies nights at lounges with free shots or cocktails and much more.

And for that matter SAITI had dome something extra special for being Ladies, by introducing Sani Tech Course exclusively for the Ladies. And this first ladies batch of this Sani Tech Course are the lucky ones, because they will be the first bevy of ladies to emerge out as professional plumbers, and go out in the world with a best money making profession. Do you know that in England, a doctor and a plumber are paid equally. So these young plumbing trainees at SAITI, don’t have to be shy that they are stepping into a plumbing career. Remember it is not a dirty job, because plumbers are very much wanted these days. If there is no water or problem with your tap, the first person to be called is a plumber. So congratulations to these First batch of amateur plumbers, and with all the best training you get from the best trainers/faculty at SAITI you will surely turn out to be the best plumbers that this institution gave to the community, nation and world.

Like Fr Leo D’souza Sj during the launch of Sani-Tech course for women at SAITI had said ” In Germany, plumbers are given the best hospitality when they go to their clients homes-and there will be couple of chilled beers ready for them in the refrigerator, once they finish their job. There is nothing to be ashamed of a plumbing job. Many think plumbing is a dirty toilet job- no it’s not, in fact, a bathroom with all the plumbing facilities in it is one of the cleanest places in a house. In Western countries plumbers earn a lot just like the doctors & engineers. There is nothing wrong in introducing this course for the ladies, because they too are capable of doing men’s jobs- and they too have the dignity, talents and strength like men. These ladies will do better in this Sani Teach Course and will make a better living out of this profession.”

St Aloysius Institutions have always been for women empowerment. By opening the doors of the college for girls, which was till then ‘boys only’ institution, it took the first decisive step towards fostering gender equality and empowering women. Then onwards, thousands of girls have graduated from the college and succeeded in building a successful career. The recent major step towards women empowerment and gender equality is the commencement of a “Sani-tech course for ladies” by St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute. This is a short-term course of 3 months duration and is run in association with M/S Jaquar & Co. Ltd, a renowned brand in the manufacturing of bathroom and sanitary fittings. In this training, students will be trained in plumbing fitments, service and maintenance. This course is a revolutionary step in the field, as the plumbing field is dominated by males. As there is a huge demand for the trained persons in this field, an opportunity for girls could very well be termed as a step towards women empowerment and gender equality. This course is probably the first of its kind in whole of India.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Director of the institution Rev Fr Eric Mathias SJ, the man behind this vision said “Even though women have made entry into various fields and are working shoulder to shoulder with men, their participation in the technical field is very less. We wanted to give an opportunity to ladies and thus motivate them to become technically skilled and employable, thus making them self reliant. This course is an excellent opportunity for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Technical qualification also makes them easily employable as many organizations and Government organizations have reserved quota for ladies in technical areas. Presently, the first batch of 20 girls is undergoing the training in the well equipped Sani-tech Lab” designed in association with M/s Jaquar. This project which was a dream come true for Fr Leo D’souza Sj, our former Director of SAITI,who always wanted to start something special exclusively for the ladies, and I am sure that this course will go a long way in benefiting the students to become professional plumbers and earn big bucks and make a good living.”

” Since most of our students come from villages, we wanted to help them out with suitable course/profession for their better future. Plumbing job is not a dirty job, it is a very dignified job. I am sure the first batch of these ladies students will do good, and exit out of this institution as professional plumbers, and serve the world. My sincere words of appreciation goes to all my staff/colleagues for making this project happen. Together we wanted to make a difference, and YES, we did! There is yet another course on offer “Automobile technician for ladies” which is being designed in association with M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Co. Ltd. As we are celebrating women’s day, these unique initiatives from St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute have imparted the true meaning to the celebration.” added Fr Eric.

While concluding, like what Fr Leo said about women plumbers making more money that other professions, I hereby end this column with a joke, A father was show­ing a new co-worker a pic­ture of his children, four sons and a daughter. His friend asked what did your children did for a liv­ing. The father said the middle two sons are doc­tors and the youngest two sons are lawyers. The friend asked about the oldest daughter and the father said, “Oh, she’s a plumber. Some­one had to pay for all the oth­ers’ edu­ca­tions.”

Wishing all these SAITI Sani-Tech feminine bunch a Happy Women’s Day!

About St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute:

St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute (SAITI)-Mangaluru, a unit of St Aloysius Institutions run by the Jesuit Priests ( Society of Jesus Congregation) having a legacy of hundred and thirty one years of service, was established in 1981. SAITI is an institution with distinctive academic profile, blending itself in commitment to rural ethos and modern spirit is preparing the rural youth for the modern challenges of today. It’s a giant step towards empowering rural youth by training them with job oriented trades. In Conformity with the regulation of the Directorate General of Employment and training (D.G.E.T) under the ministry of labour, St Aloysius ITI is training the students in the technical field ever since it started in 1981, is now permanently affiliated to NCVT new Delhi, Govt.of India of Karnataka with grant in aid.

St Aloysius I.T.I. is rendering quality training to its students and makes them self reliant in various fields at per with industrial requirements. Training is given in 9 different trades of one year or two years duration. After the successful completion of training in the relevant trade, the trainee is eligible for appearing the All India Trade Test (AITT) conducted by NCVT and is awarded the National Trade Certificate (NTC) from the Government of India. This Certificate is valid and Gives preference in getting service during the placement in the National and International Companies. In addition to these, since last two years SAITI has launched two Skill Development Centres, partnering with two renowned companies, namely Hyundai Company; and Arvind Motors-Mangaluru- and the third Skill Development Centre was launched recently in association with Jaquar Group (a multi-diversified bathroom solutions brand). Apart from these companies, SAITI has also received help from well-wishers in Britain and Germany.

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